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Terms of Services



Storage Services


S&R Movers will provide free 18x18x24 boxes with each package purchased along with the necessary labeling needed.

Items will be stored from May through August at a third party climate controlled storage facility with 24 hour surveillance.


S&R Movers will pick up student's boxes and other large items on the date selected and your move out/move in times will be scheduled at least 1 week prior. Movers will come directly to your room and upon return to school will deliver to your new dorm location.


A text or call will be placed to you the day prior and the morning of your move to remind you of your scheduled pick up time. You must have your boxes ready for pick up - which means properly sealed or taped and each box and large item labeled. This helps to keep our movers on time in a very tight moving schedule.



Customer Responsibilities


The customer will be completely responsible for his/her laundry while it is not in the care of S&R Laundry Services. S&R Laundry Services will be in no way responsible and will not pay for any damage or loss of laundry left unattended for pick-up or delivery. Each customer agrees that they will not include any items in their bag that are (a) non-washable items, (b) items meant for dry cleaning or hand-washing, or (c) any other items not meant for laundering. S&R Laundry Services will not be responsible for any non-washable items left in the laundry bag. Upon request, S&R Laundry Services will accomodate garments that require special care such as hang dry, bleach, etc.


S&R Laundry Services will not be liable for damages done to clothing through a normal cleaning cycle if the customer does not indicate special care instructions. If the special care instructions cause damage to the garment, S&R Laundry Services will also not be responsible. The customer may choose to give S&R Laundry Services a "delicates bag" (provided by the customer) which should be labeled with instructions and in the customer's laundry bag at the time of pick-up. S&R Laundry Services is not responsible for any bleeding, shrinking or changing of the clothing in any way if the customer decides that he/she wants the clothes to undergo  a normal washing cycle. It will be the customer's responsibility also make sure to empty all pockets of any items such as pens, gum, lighters, etc. that may cause damge to clothing if not removed and is inadvertently included in the normal wash cycle. 

Payment Terms


Full payment for the service must be made prior to the customer's first pick-up. Unused services do not roll-over to the next semester or the next week unless the situation is as described above when the student misses a pick-up and is allowed to reschedule one missed week at the end of the semester. We understand that most students do not have scales available to them, so S&R Laundry Services will notify the student after their first week of service if they were significantly overweight. This way, they can judge how much laundry they should give in the coming weeks. For every additional overage above the weight based on the plan selected will be charged at the $1.60 per lb rate. It is the customer's responsibility to check periodically whether or not they have exceeded their weekly limit. Overage Charges will be charged at the end of the semester so as to eliminate the hassle of small charges being required from the customer each week. 


Additionally, students will be charged based on a flat rate for any large items such as comforters, blankets, etc. These items are not included in the weekly plan rates. This charge will also be assessed at the end of the semester along with any overage charges or any dry cleaning charges.


S&R Laundry Services reserves the right to withhold laundry for delivery until payment for any additional charges is rendered.

Packing Rules


  • Please do not exceed the recommended 60 lbs for each box.


  • Please make sure that all boxes are secure with packing tape. Boxes must be sealed on both the top and bottom.  If storing drawers, make sure all drawers are taped shut. Also, tape any power chords to the item. 


  • Customers MUST label their boxes prior to pick-up. The S&R Moving Crew is not responsible for labeling the items for the customers. PLEASE LABEL FRAGILE BOXES. 


  • If storing fragile items other than boxes, please wrap them in bubble wrap and secure it with tape.  Most boxes will be stacked. Please fill boxes completely or provide additional cushioning inside the box so that the box is not damaged. 


  • Any item that will not fit into the dimensions of our official boxes will count as one of your large items under the package you sign up for.  All large items should be secured with tape, such as cords, etc. and must be labeled.


  • Mini fridges must be unplugged 24 hours before pickup and cleaned out. If not completed, the S&R Moving Crew will not accept your item. If a customer stores anything that causes damage to his/her items or other items in the same vicinity, the customer who stored the harmful items is responsible for damages. The S&R Moving Crew will not check through your storage items to make sure they are safe to store.  


  • S&R Moving Crew is not responsible for anything perishable left in boxes or mini fridges. We suggest you do not store any liquids to prevent damage to you or someone elses items.

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